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Intraocular Lens Implants (IOLs)

During cataract surgery, your surgeon will remove your cloudy lens (cataract) and replace it with a clear artificial intraocular lens implant, or IOL. We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art IOLs, some designed to limit or even eliminate your need for glasses after cataract surgery. After a thorough eye examination, your doctor will discuss what you want most from your vision to help you make the best decision possible.

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Standard Monofocal IOL:

These lenses provide a single sharp focus range, typically targeted for distance vision; however, they can be targeted for intermediate or near if the patient desires.

Patients should expect to need prescription glasses to see their best at all distances, especially for reading, cell phone, or computer use.

Ideal patient description: “I want great vision after cataract surgery, and I’ll gladly wear prescription glasses for all of my activities.”

Toric Monofocal IOL:

Designed for patients with significant astigmatism, these lenses, like the standard monofocals, are also usually targeted for distance.

Patients should expect good distance vision without glasses. Reading glasses will still be required for near or intermediate activities like reading a book, using a computer, or using your phone.

Ideal patient description: “I want sharp distance vision without glasses, but will happily wear glasses for reading, cell phone use, and computer work.”

Multifocal IOL:

The Alcon PanOptix is a multifocal lens that provides the widest range of vision without glasses. Using built-in rings, it targets 3 zones: distance, intermediate, and near. It also comes in a toric version. Because it uses diffractive rings to provide this very wide range of vision, some patients may experience decreased contrast compared to a monofocal, or glare/halo effects around lights at night.

Patients should expect great vision at all ranges without glasses; however, compared to a monofocal lens, there may be reduced contrast as well as some mild glare/halos.

Ideal patient description: “I want great distance and near vision without glasses, and to achieve this I would tolerate mild glare/halos.”


Light-Adjustable Lens+ (LAL+):

Manufactured by RxSight and fully approved by the FDA, the LAL+ is the first and only lens that can be adjusted inside your eye AFTER cataract surgery.

With any lens implant, variability in healing can affect the predictability of the visual outcome. However, the LAL+ can overcome this unpredictability as it can be adjusted in the clinic after this early healing takes place.

With the LAL+, after your eye has healed for a few weeks, your surgeon will perform a series of special UV light treatments to the LAL+ in order to fine-tune and customize your vision. You will have an opportunity to “test drive” your vision and have more control over your final visual outcome. The light treatments do require extra clinic visits with dilation.

Patients should expect crisp vision without glasses and without glare/halos, but may need readers for fine print.

Ideal patient description: “I want to have a wide range of high quality vision without glasses, and I’m willing to undergo the extra light adjustments to optimize my vision.”

Light Adjustable Lens+ Introduction Video

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