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Patient Testimonials


I now have the best sight I have ever had
By the age of 4, I had three eye muscle surgeries to correct my strabismus (crossed eyes). I have been in glasses or contacts most of my life, having to wear “toric” contact lenses due to my astigmatism. At age 27, I learned I was developing cataracts. I couldn’t believe it at my age. I have to admit that I hesitated for six months before I agreed to the surgery, only because I didn’t think I was ready. DON’T HESITATE! I chose to have the Toric lens implant to get rid of my astigmatism so I could have the best vision possible without glasses. I knew I was in great hands after talking with Dr. Berry and his staff. They are a wonderful group of people, always positive and respectful of YOUR NEEDS! The Doctors Surgery Center at Huguley was great too. Words cannot express how grateful I am. I now have the best sight I have ever had, thanks to Dr. Berry, who is one of a kind. I will continue to recommend Berry Eye Center to everyone.
Jessica Wilson
Pleasant yet professional
I chose the Toric lens implant because it gave me more freedom. I am a pilot, and the procedure helped me a great deal. It really opened up a whole new world for me. Dr. Berry and his staff were pleasant yet professional. I would recommend them and the procedure to everyone.
Jack Allmon, Pilot


I Would Recommend
I love Dr. Nickell! He takes his time with you, answering any questions you may have, and I never feel rushed through. He prays with all his surgery patients, and I was very comforted by that. He wears a big smile on his face and is always happy to see you. He removed cataracts from both eyes, and I never felt anything! Now I can see clearly without glasses! Amazing! I would encourage you to go to Dr. Nickell for your eye care needs. He is excellent!
Chris Allen
Great place, great staff
Dr. Matthew Nickell is a great doctor. He fixed my Cataracts, and both my eyes see great. I would give him a 5-plus. Great place, and the staff is great. Thanks, Dr. Nickell.
Weldon York
Highly Recommended
Cataract Surgery. Dr. Matthew Nickell is a great doctor. He fixed both of my eyes; I had cataracts. My eyes are great. Thank you, Dr. Nickell. I give him 5+ stars, and I recommend him to everyone. Great place, very friendly staff. The office is very clean. I’ll be using him for check-ups too. Thank you.
Donna York

Light-adjustable Lens

Outstanding job!
I am so happy with my Light Adjustable Lens and great vision. Dr Nathan Berry fulfilled my goals to be able to perform daily activities without glasses: when driving be able to read exit and street signs: while shopping I can read labels and price tags: and be able to use my cell phone, just to name a few. I highly recommend Dr. Berry and the Light Adjustable Lens. He was thorough in explaining, I was well-informed and comfortable, not nervous, or worried at any time. I did not experience any pain or discomfort either from cataract surgery or the light adjustments after surgery. Dr. Berry and his staff were very accommodating in answering all my questions. I received personal and professional attention at every appointment. Considerate and kind people, doing an outstanding job! With Light Adjustable Lens, I wake up every morning “Not reaching for my glasses.” Thank you, Dr. Berry for praying with me.
V. Johnson
I highly recommend the light adjustable lens.
I am so impressed with the light adjustable lens. Dr. Berry said vision would be great and that is not a strong enough word. I do wood working and I still have all my fingers. My experience with the doctor thru cataract surgery and the staff was really good, very pleasant and easy. I would most definitely recommend the light adjustable lens to others. The most exciting thing for me is not keeping up with glasses at all.
James Garwood
To say that I am pleased would be an understatement.
I was fortunate enough to be one of the first patients of Dr Berry to have light adjustable lenses implanted after cataract surgery. To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. Up until the surgery, I had worn glasses for about 60 years. Now, I don’t even need readers except late in the day when my eyes are tired. Dr Berry is, in my mind, one of the finest Christian men I know. Never have I had a physician ask to pray with me like he did. I can’t recommend him any higher. He and his staff are great people!
David Moore
Dr. Matthew Nickell, MD is an ophthalmology specialist in Burleson, TX. He is accepting new patients.
Dr. Matthew Nickell, MD is an ophthalmology specialist in Burleson, TX. He is accepting new patients.

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